08 February 2013

NOW The Friggin Truth Comes-Out:
Criminally Irresponsible Obama Basically Hid in a Closet During Benghazi Attack!

Can you say 'Dereliction of Duty'?

Impeach Obama

So Senator Ted Cruz (TP-R, Texas) is the man who FINALLY got to the bottom of what the White House/MSM have worked so hard -for months- to obfuscate: yesterday the GOP rising
soaring star forced Leon Panetta to admit in sworn testimony that SoS Hillary Clinton was
simply not available on the day the Benghazi consulate was attacked... nowhere to be found.

Yes, the US Secretary of Defense had ZERO contact with US Secretary of State Clinton until long after four American heroes were dead. Where the hell was she all day, partying with Huma?

But far, far worse is fact that Barack Obama -who twice now has taken an oath to protect us all- held but ONE brief conversation with Leon Panetta -were the President was made fully aware that our consulate was under seige- at a (previously scheduled) meeting on 9.11.2012... that was it all day:


...Obama failed to communicate in any way with him that day.

Panetta said he simply didn’t hear from anyone at the White House.

He also said logistics and fear of more attacks prevented a quicker, more aggressive U.S. response to the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2012.

But for days, even weeks, the Obama administration attributed the violence and deaths to a mob that was upset over a little-known online video purporting to be about Mohammad, a move that still has not been explained.

Most assumed the Administration's bumbling (mis)management occurred in some crisis center, or at the White House war room... in reality, nothing like that ever happened: nobody held any meetings anywhere, Panetta seems to have been left all by his lonesome to cobble-together a response he felt would not offend Dear Leader's bizarre concerns and loyalties.

Obama not only gave no orders, but didn't even see fit to
check-in with the Secretary of Defense (nor State) at any point in time on evening of the attack- the US Commander-in-Chief appears to have been completely and utterly detached.

Remember in November, when Obama said he 'gave orders' on that tragic day to 'keep our people safe'? Under oath -as opposed to Obama's unquestioned BS parroted in the press- Panetta also revealed in Senate testimony that operational details of the response, the decisions on what resources were available to help, and all other decisions were left 'up to us'... doesn't sound like Obama was giving anybody any orders -except maybe the White House chef- does it?

Panetta also made clear he has always thought it was a terrorist attack -that our response was restrained by fear of similar, follow-up ambushes of US responders- and seemed to have no idea where the harebrained 'anti-Islam video' theory trotted-out by the White House ever came from.

This squirelly, lying traitor Obama needs to be impeached-
no time like the present, you know.

Didja ever think God might hand righteous Americans an opportunity to free ourselves from the repulsive Obama regime's yoke? I have: perhaps the Benghazi Four's unfortunate sacrifice will come to be something more than just symbolic, if we can prosecute this sinister, incompetent putz for SO flippantly neglecting his sworn constitutional duty- thus liberating the country.

And the response to this blockbuster testimony from the MFM (Obama-fellating media) ?