11 February 2013

Obama's Islamic-Fifth-Column Nominees BOTH Need To Be Stopped COLD . . .

Just when you thought our 'likable' President couldn't get any more insulting to those who actually care about this country and our traditional alliances...

And it's a lot worse than you think, more than Obama's blatantly giving normal Americans the finger by nominating Iranophiles and closeted Islamists to head the Defense Department and CIA (!) That's right, we're not talking about the EPA here, this is the
very heart of the American security apparatus.

Alas, the larger problem for me springs from my own greatest fear of Obama in 2008... that he wouldn't stop Iran from going nuclear. I honestly never thought he'd be quite so partisan and radical domestically, but always feared the limp-wristed foreign policy headed our way.

Of course, that stategy is now here- and the bizarre Obama era has already turned out far worse than imagined both at home and abroad while today we find Dear Leader still feeding Americans the sheer-and-utter bullshit that he 'won't tolerate' a nuclear Iran while doing practically nothing to back it up... 

Got your back

To the resolute horror of Israel, a worst-case-type scenario is unfolding before our eyes: Obama actually seems to be helping to buy time for Iran's nuclear program (he knows they're close) while nominating Hamas-connected Chuck Hagel to Defense and Muslim convert John Brennan to run the CIA.

Do keep in mind that many in the Arab world are convinced Obama is a Shiite Muslim himself- they note that he went after (Sunni) Bin Laden aggressively and only supported Arab Spring revolutions against Sunni Muslims and Arab secularists in Libya, Egypt, etc- yet refused to lift a finger against a Shiite-allied (Iran/Hezbollah) Assad regime in Syria nor a teetering Tehran itself in 2009- then handed Iraq right over to them.

Circumstantial evidence of Obama's Shia-sympathies is indeed considerable... and I imagine he'd be proud of how Iran is provoking Israel, rather than making deals with them like (Sunni) Mubarak did. NOW these two nutty, pro-Muslim nominees to run our nation's defense and intelligence complex...? Heard enough?

But an unlikely hero has arisen who aims to block confirmation of BOTH Hagel and Brennan, and the club he's utilizing is Benghazigate... I'm talking about Lindsey Graham
(who's usually got it right on defense issues, at least)
-and patriots do need to get behind his efforts:

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