01 February 2013

Obammunist Hacks at NBC BLACK-OUT Hagel Confirmation Hearing Meltdown

Ruh-Ro! Seems 'Two-buck Chuck's Senate confirmation hearing was such an unmitigated disaster, NBC actually censored the live event when it started to get ugly for Hagel...

In their -and their brain-dead viewers'- minds, Hagel's getting crispy-fried by GOP senator Lindsay Graham yesterday didn't even happen... you know, just like Bob 'Young-n-Fresh' Menendez's little (lil') girl problem (that also doesn't exist):

Doug Ross:

NBC is America's answer to the Soviet Union's Pravda. It serves as an unofficial public relations arm of the Obama administration. 

It has been caught -- on numerous occasions (e.g., here and here) -- editing video and audio clips to advance the Statist agenda. 

And it routinely censors news. Like today, when President Obama's nominee for SECDEF, Chuck Hagel, beclowned himself in a Senate hearing that was, by turns, embarrassing and horrifying. 

 And how did NBC handle Hagel's denouement...?

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