05 February 2013

Sen Bob Menendez' Paid Gal-Pal
Svitlana Buchyk -in Photos

In case you missed it, embattled, pervy Senator Bob Menendez (Letch- NJ) is still denying it all as 'anonymous' smears-from-nowhere, but evidence of Roberto's little sex-addiction problem is piling up high, and quick: besides all the poor Dominican teen chicks he used as a sex toilet (then stiffed on the bill), yesterday pics started to slip out of a Russian 'mystery woman' who has been deeply involved with Menendez and his happy-huntin' buddy, major Democratic donor (and party-jet owner) Salomon Melgen: Svitlana Buchyk, aka 'Svetlana' and 'Sveta', a very attractive blonde who says she 'works as a model' in NY (and has a bunch of enticing pictures of herself on a private webpage... just like escorts do).

A Russian supermodel-type hooked up with Bob Menendez, who (inexplicably still) sits on the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee- besides the jokes that just write themselves, can you say 'honey trap'? I'll bet Putin can, and in English.

Svitlana's not talking yet either, but wave a $100K National Enquirer offer and you won't be able to shut her up... shouldn't take long now.

I have to say, Menendez may be a scumbag, liar, and coward- but at least the guy's not a chubby-chaser like Bill Clinton...
this chick is hot: