06 March 2013

African-Americans Against Gun Control

On a dark day in our nation's history -September 28, 1868- a mob of crazed, racist Democrats slaughtered 300+ African-American Republicans at Opelousas, Louisiana... 
The gruesome series of events was started when a group of Democrats attacked a newspaper editor, a white Republican and school-teacher of ex-slaves. When some African-Americans rushed to the assistance of a friend under attack, the Democrats doubled-down and went on a 'Negro hunt'... ethnically-cleansing the town and environs of ever single black man, woman, and child they were able to track-down.
But none of the besieged blacks had guns with which to defend themselves nor their families- the Democrats had taken them.
Today, there's a group called the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE) that consists of prominent figures from the African American community who are standing united  against the misguided, ineffective, and unconstitutional gun control legislation currently being considered on Capitol Hill.
The group just released this incredibly powerful video/ad to aid in the battle to preserve our nation's precious 2nd Amendment rights... a must see:
CURE has launched the Never Again Campaign to educate Americans re. the effect of gun control on the historical black experience in this country. During the Black Codes the right to bear arms was taken away from African-Americans, to be perpetuated under Jim Crow laws.
Considering their history -and the dangerous urban communities gun control has done nothing to help- African-Americans have plenty of good reason to not be handing over their right to protect themselves- just the same as anybody else.
African-Americans Against Gun Control

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