15 March 2013

And You Thought the Japanese Were Weird:
from Ukraine, Behold the 'Barbie Doll' Look-

The bizarre craze was started by a (blonde) Ukrainian model in her early 20s named Valeria Lukyanova, when -although already a great-looking gal- she went and got various plastic surgeries in order to appear more like a human Barbie Doll, while starving herself skinny and wearing elaborately-constructed makeup to enlarge the appearance of her eyes, etc. (apparently she already had the legs for it).

For some time Lukyanova was publicizing herself with a like-minded, 19-y.o. friend, (redhead) Anastasiya Shpagina, but since they reportedly had a doll-fight over who-was-getting-how-much-attention on a Japanese TV interview, the two parted ways.

The strange fantasy life seems to have appealed to other young girls in the Ukraine too, as it's now become a bit of a craze there... apparently escapism for those trapped in the bleak former Soviet Union. Yes, this 'human doll' stuff is as odd -or worse- than Japanese crazes, and of course Valerie Lukyanova is hugely popular over there as well; fits-right-in with their 'cute' addiction, and they always go nuts over blondes

Heck, it's even caught on in Mexico now... I guess they've got nothing better to do than get up at 5am to start putting on makeup everyday, either:

Anastasiya Shpagina

Valeria Lukyanova

The blonde's not half-bad in a bikini,
but overall
these two give me the creeps, man