11 March 2013

As Ground Shifts Rapidly Under His Flat Feet, John McCain's Making Himself About as Relevant as the Whig Party...

For glaringly obvious reasons (ego, ego, + ego), John McCain chose not to retire after leading the GOP to defeat in 2008. This ushered-in the radical, damaging, and bizarre Obammunist era he's done so much to collaborate with since.

Unfortunately for conservatives, five years later the ossified Arizona fossil is still around- and so are his lousy political instincts: I guess Juan somehow can't -or won't- see that failed GOP 'leadership' and dire US fiscal circumstances are driving a post-election resurgence of the Right... rather, to him and others like him, the growing influence of constitutionally-aware, fiscally-sane patriots is something to be nipped-in-the-bud.

And why not, his squishy, Big-Government mavericking fits right in with the new Rovian theme of RINOs ├╝ber alles, though I'm happy to report this one says he won't be running ever again.

John McCain is simply on the wrong side of history re. many issues: i.e. he and Lindsey Graham's 'super-hawk' schtick is something now deeply unpopular with the American electorate... so why aren't they reconsidering that instead of opening up the immigration spigot to zillions of new Democrats? Why is this idiot trashing the now-stiffening TEA Party? And why the HELL is McCain licking Obama's rear-end when he really ought to be working with Republicans (of all stripes)?

Attempts to take-out Rand Paul at the knees by Senator McCain blew right up in his face, and rather than retain some scrap of conservative legacy, he's chosen to double-down on previous errors and denigrate and mock constitutional conservatives... about the only segment of the Republican Party that's able to get our base out to the polls anymore. Of course, that same base now sees McCain's name as mud.

Senator McCain responds to the wacko birds

Meanwhile, emerging conservative leadership in the Senate -i.e. Ted Cruz/Mike Lee- are swiftly gaining new allies in the fight to defund Obamacare, and not just the right- even ole Musty Mitch is starting to come around:

 This week it appeared Republican Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee would wage a lonely war over their threat to hold up a continuing resolution to fund the U.S. government if they are not given a vote on a budget amendment to defund Obamacare. 

 Now, it’s not quite so lonely. Sens. Marco Rubio and James Inhofe have joined Cruz and Lee, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Friday that he “looks forward to supporting” the amendment.

It’s a significant step forward for Cruz and Lee. But the Senate Republican caucus remains deeply divided about defunding Obamacare. Sources say that at a Republican caucus lunch a few days ago, several GOP senators expressed opposition to Cruz and Lee’s proposal.

 And of course, the 55-member Democratic majority will not give it the time of day. But Cruz and Lee are determined to keep up opposition to Obamacare, even though it has flagged in some other quarters of the Republican Party... 
there is a sense that what Cruz started (with Lee joining in almost immediately), is gathering momentum.

There was no better sign than the statement released by McConnell on Friday. “Obamacare is a costly mistake that we cannot afford and my preference would be to repeal it, root and branch,” the Minority Leader said.

Betting against the life of our party -today's resilient right- at this point sounds like a guaranteed recipe for failure... but hey,
that's what
losers do.

McCain, irrelevant