13 March 2013

Gilbert O'Sullivan: GET DOWN (1973)

Gilbert O'Sullivan (dob Dec 1, 1946) is an Irish singer/songwriter best known in the United States for his eternal hit 'Alone Again (Naturally)' (1972 US, #1 hit) as well as 'Clair' (1972, US #2). His voice has become instantly recognizable to many due to the widespread fame brought by these two timeless ballads, both of which were written by O'Sullivan himself...

He also enjoyed a hot chart-topper in the UK with 'Get Down' (1973, video below), although this wonderful little ditty never did make it on our side of the pond. Another one you'll recall in all likelihood would be his early hit 'Ooh Wakka Do Wakka Day'.

Born Raymond Edward O'Sullivan in Waterford, Ireland, in his early teens the family moved to England, where he later attended St Joseph's and the Swindon College of Art.

Interestingly, O'Sullvian actually played drums in a band called Rick's Blues, founded by Rick Davies... who went on to form Supertramp. He developed his musical abilities from scratch in that band, learning to play piano as well and later joining other amateur acts in the UK.

By the early Seventies he was moving zillions of records as a solo artist, the key being his great pop voice and incredible songwriting gift: Gilbert O'Sullivan charted no less than six worldwide #1 singles between 1970-1980, and although not into touring still writes and records music today.

Myself, I've always found his voice and songwriting style to be a totally unique and refreshing break, there is a certain creative individuality on that island, I'll tell you that: consider U2, Elvis Costello, Van Morrison, Thin Lizzy, Cranberries... nobody else like 'em anywhere.

And that goes double for Gilbert O'Sullivan: this has got to be one of the catchiest pop songs to ever grace a turntable...

Gilbert O'Sullivan: GET DOWN (1973)

Gilbert O'Sullivan: GET DOWN (1973)

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