19 March 2013

I Don't See One Single Reason Government
Needs to Be in the Marriage Business...

Privatization’s the only way to handle the issue 
and get this off the GOP’s back- we don’t need it.

My conservative/libertarian friends, imho it is time for government on both the federal and state levels to remove marriage from the tax-code and walk away from the term completely- two adults of any sort can register a household as legal entity for the purpose of benefits, hospital visitations, agreed inheritance contracts, etc, but let us be married by the church of our own choosing. Marriage was created as a religious ceremony/bond anyway- maybe that's where it belongs.

Being a church-going Catholic, I’m confident Rome will be defining it the same way I see ‘marriage’... hope you feel the same about yours.

Why not remove this issue from the political arena once-and-for-all while paring the statists' influence? And everybody gets what they want... libs can go marry their vacuum cleaner for all I care.

I myself used to know these kinda crazy twin sisters who lived their entire lives together, worked together, etc- there are probably many other non-traditional households, such as best friends who have chosen to live together over the long term in a non-sexual context- for all practices and purposes a Common Law marriage, which is still legal in 11 US states 
(between a man and a woman, anyway).

Shouldn't people like that -or anybody- be able to create a formal entity providing rights a spouse would enjoy, purely for legal purposes: you can't patrol the country's bedrooms, so why even try? But when government is no longer involved, we in the political sphere won't be talking about it anymore, either- and that's a good thing.

There's even a term for it: Marriage Privatization. Sounds great to me, thus the Left would be denied the club they've been pounding us over the head with- there'll never be a more practical, politically beneficial (for the GOP), and fiscally prudent way to do it.  

Liberals only benefit from social issues when Big Government has it's tentacles in there, and they can frame conservatives as the enemy and grab a block of voters-  so why not pull the rug out from under 'em?

I doubt greatly that groups like GOProud would have a problem with such a policy, either- although with 'gay' no longer relevant politically, they don't really have a reason to organize as a separate faction of fiscal conservatives, do they? Don't ask/don't tell seems more sensible to me when their sexual practices are no longer something we need to be discussing.

Just one more area where we need to get government out of our lives, and where the statists' influence can be reduced as well:
this issue needs to go-away, and handling it in this way serves to further the cause of Liberty in this country by ending
'gay marriage' as a political issue, a needless diversion from the fiscal crisis facing America today... just as school vouchers could largely remove government from the education business while getting American kids away from what have evolved into taxpayer-funded NEA indoctrination centers, cranking out
'lil Obots by the score...