04 March 2013

Karl 'FAIL' Rove Says What Republicans Need is More Racial-Identity Politics!

Time to tell Rove -and more importantly his good-money-after-bad donors- that this Prog Lite schtick will not only fail to attain incremental black/hispanic/+? votes, but will have conservatives going third-party in droves...

Out there pimping his so-called 'Conservative Victory Project', Rove claimed in a speech to the California Republican Party's spring convention in Sacramento this past weekend that '(Republicans) need to ... have people asking for the vote who are comfortable and look like and sound like the people that we're asking for the vote from.'

Yet back in reality, the Obammunists have driven this country to the edge of the abyss economically, socially, and militarily... and it's time for Republicans to prepare the antidote Americans of all colors and creeds will soon be clamoring-for, not attempt to mimic Obama's divisive failures.

 Actual conservatism i.e. balanced budgets, respect for the Constitution, and Peace-through-Strength defense policies will be not just back in fashion but required to counter the nation's far-left swing and fix myriad woes left behind by the Obammunists -on a practical as well as political level- if there's even anything left of this country by then. 

How is matching-up candidates to districts by skin color going to save this country from the seeds of catastrophe Obama's spread around like Johnny Appleseed, pray tell? Wouldn't it be better to attack deeply-damaging liberal policies- and soon be proven right? 

If you believe in conservative principles -as I do- because they work, then you're almost surely with us who see Obama's polar opposite bringing economic, social, and military-strategic ruin.

Alas, some people on our side don't seem to get it yet: when a dollar crash (or worse) comes about, these racial groups Rove tells us will respond to shallow GOP racial pandering are instead going to be looking for principled leadership, security, opportunity, and a renewed US economic foundation... just like Reagan delivered in spades. 

The Gipper always said we are ALL Americans, and abhorred racial identity bs- seems 'The Architect' missed that. Three of the hottest rising stars in the GOP today are Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz, 2/3 Hispanic for those counting- did you notice that Karl, or do they gotta be RINOs too?

In the wake of Karl Rove's humiliating face-plant in the 2012 election cycle, most thinking people can see that he really doesn't know what he's talking about- thus the hope of salvation for the GOP. Some even feel a new, Reaganite renaissance in shedding ourselves of his baleful influence. And how-sweet-it-is to contemplate Rove's coming demise: the guy's had a death-grip on this party for the last four cycles, where Republicans' only real gains came in 2010, delivered courtesy of the same TEA Party Rove now seeks to neutralize.

But he's not going without a fight... this has been a pretty juicy gig for Karl Rove, and apparently his major supporters haven't snapped out of it quite yet. As Newt Gingrich said re. Rove and other failed Establishment GOP consultants, they've 'made an amazing amount of money asserting an expertise they clearly do not have'-

And whatever happened to the colorblind ideals of Ronald Reagan- freedom and opportunity for all? Allowing Barack Obama to permanently divide this country into little socio-racial compartments is all Karl Rove will accomplish with this sort of crap, and precisely what Teddy Roosevelt warned us would be the death the American experiment.

What we DO need to do is unite all Republicans behind constitutional democracy, rule of law, and balanced budgets -not racial pandering. We're supposed to the party that looks past race and doesn't categorize people/think that way, remember?

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