18 March 2013

Vichy Republican Boehner in Fine Form...

The Republican Party's pathetic RINO/collaborationist 'leader' John Boehner is apparently not happy just laying-down on command for Obama in their private little negotiations,
he's now out there serving this repulsive regime's propaganda purposes as well...

The Orange Menace told ABC's 'This Week' not only that he 'absolutely' trusts/'no issue there' the habitually dishonest Obama, but that 'we don't have an immediate debt crisis'- nice.

Sound familiar? That's because it's
the same exact line Obama has been using to belittle the few Republicans willing to deal with the monstrous, crushing deficit this country continues to run.

Naturally ABC intended to get this out of him from the start
(they had the Obama video all cued-up), and hit the jackpot when
Boo-Hoo Boehner handed the All Obama Channel just what they wanted. 
Now everybody in the room can agree that fiscally-sensible conservatives are wacko birds and get back to spending!

Boehner kindly acknowledged that a debt problem does lay 'in the years ahead', and has been promising us he's going to tackle spending... but didn't this (former plastics salesman) ever learn that if there's no sense of urgency, nobody's going to buy what you're selling? Must have sucked at that job, too-

We'll just keep recklessly buying our own T-bills with increasingly-worthless currency freshly printed for
42cts of every single federal dollar spent...

NO crisis- right you (bronze) tool?

Doug Ross   Gateway Pundit   AP   FreeRepublic   h/t Jane Long