05 April 2013

Clear Your Airspace with Uranium-Filled,
HP Anti-Drone Shotgun Shells!

Converts any 12-gauge shotgun into 
an anti-aircraft platform with 
1 km vertical range instantly...

I honestly haven't done much research on the legalities 
involved here, but if somebody's bound-and-determined to nip unwarranted snooping/amateur peeping toms in the bud, the ammo's already commercially available- and with specially-formulated propellant and depleted uranium buckshot, no less: 

Big Brother is watching, and with modern technology, if Big Brother can see it, he can turn it into a giant smoking crater with just the press of a button.

Even your secret remote wilderness bunker is no match for today’s military drones. In partnership with Tacnition Ammo, Lucky Gunner is happy to introduce a new way for you to fight back against the All Seeing Eye with our new anti-drone shotgun loads. 

Years of research and development have gone into these highly effective 12 gauge shells that can turn even Joe Biden’s double barrel shotgun into an instant anti-aircraft platform. Specially formulated propellant is capable of launching 9 pellets of depleted uranium rounds up to 1 km straight up into the air. 

With accurate shot placement, this armor piercing buckshot will disable vital systems on modern military drones. At minimum, the force of impact will disable navigation systems, but in over 60% of our field tests, the drones were incapable of remaining airborne after contact with our 
Anti-Drone Loads...
photo permission Anthony Welsch @ LuckyGunner.com

And you haven't heard the amazing part yet... 
Lucky Gunner says they've got 'em in-stock 
(must be the only thing on the shelves)

Dems to introduce legislation banning this in 3-2-1...

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