06 April 2013

Learned More about Capitalism by
Washing Dishes, Changing Tires, and
Delivering Pizzas than I EVER Did in College...

Exactly the same reason Obama doesn't like 
small business OR teen workers I guess...
could contaminate the NEA's K-12 brainwashing

As KGB/Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov made clear, America's public education system -which demoralizes kids and keeps them pliable/stupid- has been infiltrated by low standards of achievement/morality + communist doctrine for decades now. The self-hating, unthinking drones it was meant to produce have already helped to elect Barack Obama -as dangerous a
post turtle as there's ever been- to the most powerful office in the world, great.

But 13 years of far-left indoctrination by the neo-Soviet zombies of the NEA are apparently not enough for the Obammunist left... these fiends are bound-and-determined  to keep young people -as they enter adulthood- away from small businesses and entrepreneurs, which Ronald Reagan famously stated are 'responsible for most or all of the economic growth in the US'.

Obama's Big Government surge has of course smothered these job-producers, AND provides the added side benefit of keeping impressionable youth away from capitalists, as illustrated in March's 12.6% REAL youth unemployment rate (counting those who have given up looking and left the labor pool). Some see the overall rate as high as 11.6% anyway, due to the lowest labor-force participation rate since 1979 (and you know who was President then).

As for black youth, the true jobless rate crosses the 50% (!) threshold in such Democratic hellholes as Detroit and Vegas- what's the chance any of these people will ever start a business that doesn't involve standing on a street corner with little plastic bags and a gun?

These are kids who will grow up thinking people who work for an honest living are not as clever as them,  and will never understand capitalism in any sort of positive way: add this to the breakdown of American families and they'll have no choice but to vote for liberals who will perpetuate the welfare state to which they've been wed. 

Yes, the importance of common-sense, hands-on business experience is surely noted by some educators, as internships upon completion of either HS or college have long been valued by employers... yet I would suggest that having a job at 16-18
-before college- GREATLY prepares one studying for a business degree- more likely to actually pay attention because you can relate to what they're talking about.

Today in the US, much of that KGB-initiated damage is permanent it seems, the only possible solution being an abrupt political turn to the right, yet Republicans dither, hem, and haw as ruthless, 'progressive' zealots implement a cradle-to-grave welfare state most of us want nothing to do with.

Startups and small businesses -along with the employment/experience they provide so many- are being crushed by regulation, Obamacare, and taxes, while larger corporatist allies of this foul administration are swimming in gravy. It's going to take a brave and principled conservative to turn all this around, unlike the Vichy Republicans at the top of the GOP now,
that's for sure.

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