02 April 2013

Mega-Obama-Supporter Magic Johnson's Gay Son 'EJ3' Goes Public with Boyfriend,
Elegant Handbag, and a STUNNING Stole...

Father Earvin Johnson II 'Couldn't be prouder!'

Wicked gossip rag TMZ caught Johnson's gay, 20-y.o. son out on the Sunset strip this weekend while the lad was home from NYU for the holiday: man is this kid laying-it-on-thick with the purse, mink stole, and effeminate accent- OK we get it already, dude. 

Just remember when you're paying $100 for a Lakers ticket that the owner's son is wearing mink coats with diamond necklaces to five-star restaurants while daddy Magic sends the rest to Obama.

The overdressed Eva Gabor wannabe Earvin Johnson III -aka EJ3- is the middle of three children born of Magic and Cookie Johnson, and up until recently still looked like this... 

He told the interviewer he's a big Lakers fan still though, and is 'hoping and praying' for the troubled franchise... no word on who the smiley new boyfriend is yet. 
magic johnson gay son

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