10 April 2013

Raspberries: 'Go All The Way' - 1972

Cleveland's own Eric Carmen (and friends)...

Allmusic Magazine had described them as featuring 'exquisitely crafted melodies and achingly gorgeous harmonies...' 

The Raspberries drew influence from the British Invasion era -especially The Beatles, other Merseybeat acts, The Who, The Hollies, and The Small Faces... along their 'mod' fashion sense.

Of course later Eric Carmen went on to massive success as a solo balladeer, but the original band has reunited for gigs as recently as 2005- some material from the tour was realeased as Live from the Sunset Strip in 2007. 

Below you'll find an amusing appearance on The Mike Douglas Show when the Raspberries were the new guys with a hot hit out in '72: 'Go All the Way'- don't miss the end, where the 23 y.o. Carmen and the rest of the band are introduced to guests
Joe Namath and Billie Jean King by Douglas, a real 70s moment-

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