30 April 2013

Rubio Flushing His Political Aspirations
-and the Entire GOP- Down the Toilet

'You’re a nice guy. That's a problem
Nice guys are only popular in prison 
and in the Senate- and for similar reasons.'

Today's Republican Party suffers from a paucity of those who can effectively communicate the conservative message.
So what a shame I might not be able to vote for one of the few who DID possess that gift...

WHAT on God's green Earth are you thinking, dude? Has it yet occurred that you're a DREAM prop for the Democrats here- the hispanic Republican who's marching lockstep with them on a bill that MANY of us see little good in? That you provide conservative 'cover' for a scheme nobody I know can actually stomach? That they're trying to ram-through the 'Gang of 8' immigration bill before the stench reaches the voters' collective schnoz?

If not to yourself, it does seem glaringly obvious to outside observers they felt YOU were just the ticket- the one who could convince all those ig'nant clingers to fall in-line behind McAmnesty, Linseed, and Schmucky Schumer (the snake)- speaking of, do you also think Obama/Reid/Schumer would be pushing this so hard if it was going to 'save the GOP'...? 

To be brief, this bill is crap:

We’ve only scraped the surface of this current immigration reform bill and what we’ve scraped off is pure muck.

The promises to secure the border are a joke. The “long and hard” pathway to citizenship – which there shouldn’t be anyway – is bypassed with shortcuts. 

Promises that the zillions of people who weren’t invited here in the first place will pay their “back taxes” fall apart when you actually read the language. 

Assurances that they won’t be able to cash in on the welfare state and all its goodies are dubious at best. Even those who want desperately to support wise immigration reform, like Hugh Hewitt and Charles Krauthammer, have their doubts.

Contrary what they're saying, a loophole big enough to drive an overpacked Suburban through will actually fast-track millions of illegals for citizenship- with precious few speed-bumps.

A recent Pew Research poll showed fully 1/3 of Mexican adult citizens would come to the USA if allowed! Add to that the kids they'll tote/make on the way and you get the idea of what a 'pathway to citizenship' with feigned DHS border controls will bring.

The bill also hands way too-much power over to DHS... oft-touted 'triggers' in the bill aren't triggers at-all... and it will ensure Democratic Party dominance ad infinitum.

woulda coulda shoulda

Marco Rubio, you need to unwind your involvement in this noxious scam as fast as you can muster the courage to admit your mistake and move-on: conservatives will NEVER forgive you for it if you don't. I do believe you're a good guy -impressive political talent- and a principled conservative on most other issues.. and I would like to take you seriously in a presidential primary. 

But I'm really starting to question your judgement- and yes, naivete... it's simply not a very good bill, it's a big, secretive, unread mess that won't deliver anything like the touts are saying... same as all major Obama-era legislation. Your aggressive campaigning on it's behalf is starting to cast a shadow on your personal credibility... some might even say you've been intentionally misleading.

At minimum, give us all some time to have a look at just what's in there... what lesson did you people learn from Obamacare's passage, hidden tricks, and troublesome implementation anyway- how to bypass congressional and public debate and ram bills down our throat in the dead of night? A principled man might arrive at the opposite judgement- don't you think?

PLEASE distance yourself from this 800-page monster and the RINOs/scheming Dems you're currently in the room with, Senator Rubio- and if you really feel the need to be part of some immigration reform, go talk to Ted Cruz and cook-up something a bit more genuine, effective, and honest... but don't even bother if you're not going to secure the border first.

They clearly need you to get this done... YOU might be the only one who can stop it now- DO IT -show us what you're made of- and you just might earn yourself a spot on that 2016 ticket.

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