24 April 2013

Sounds Like Dzhokhar Tsaraev's
Idiot Mom Needs Hangin, Too-

'I want the world to hear this:
I don’t care if my youngest son Is killed.
I don’t care if I am killed. 

I will say Allahu Akbar!'

Isn't the Boston Marathon terrorists' shoplifting mother Zubaidat Tsaraev the one who came up with the bright idea of introducing the older one to radical Islam...? 

Now that the results of her parenting skills and good judgement have been put on display for all the world to see, this irresponsible ingrate -one that's already done SO much damage to the country that welcomed her and made her a citizen-
has been steadfastly claiming the terrorist sons were 'set up'.

But since we've learned how she converted herself and the older son to a far more militant strain of Islam (thinking it would get him away from weed/women/whiskey), then heard how her friends were shocked to see Mrs Tsaraev suddenly wearing a hijab -and consequently the split this all caused between them and the more assimilated, successful members of the family (in the US)- haven't we had about enough blame-shifting from this

Mug shot, 2011
Alas, last night's foolhardy outburst on CNN showed us what a delusional, toxic windbag this woman truly is- and if she's actually dumb enough to fly back to the US, Zubaidat Tsaraev will be promptly arrested. 

How do we know this?
She never even showed-up in court on that shoplifting charge in the first place- so the warrant is still open. Yet not only was she on the phone with Tamerlan while police where giving chase, Zubeidat Tsaraev is NOW telling us she doesn't give a damn if her sons blew up women and children and girls and destroyed hundreds of lives... what's more important to her is justifying it all through the twisted 'beliefs' of the bizarre,
embittered hate-cult to which she's chosen to confine herself.

After all that Obama's given away to Vladimir Putin, maybe he can do a little something for us and place Zubeidat on a USAF plane bound for Gitmo, stat- we'll take it from there. Nobody's going to miss her in the Kremlin, that's for sure...