03 April 2013

What a COOL Site:
Real-Time Worldwide
Commercial Flight Radar!

Maybe just because I'm a bit of a trainspotter/planespotter geek, I really dig this site: charts all commercial aircraft in the air worldwide in real time (except unfortunately US carriers on
5 min. delay due to unique American security concerns).

Elsewhere -as I recently did in Europe- you can glance at FlightRadar24 when you hear a roar, get the flight #/carrier online and bingo there it is on the tailfin overhead 30 seconds later.

Users can click on any plane (moving) over any chosen worldwide flight radar map and get flight #, carrier, plane type, basic stats, flight info, and even a picture of the aircraft in correct livery. One can choose an airport or other geographical area for mapping, or a flight number can be entered in the left column they'll find it for you.

Obvious uses for the site would include seeing how you're wife's flight is doing, if you business partner will make the meeting this afternoon... or who is it exactly that's always buzzing your otherwise peaceful backyard. Not only is it free, but there's useful filters and even a playback feature, and naturally they're willing to sell you additional 'premium' features such as various smartphone apps and additional functionality.

First impression was there's a lotta birds up there- more than even my vivid imagination expected, and pretty much everywhere...

Check it out here

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