17 May 2013

2x Obama Voters are the Ones Most Responsible for the Orwellian Nightmare We've All Had Forced Upon Us

The true source of the hellishly-hot-mess of a government America currently finds herself saddled with ultimately has to be the willfully uninformed Americans that voted for him... especially the ones not on welfare that pulled the lever for Obama twice. It's these supporters that are really what's wrong with this country. 

Why try to blame a statist ruling class living like kings on our dime- unprincipled people usually take care of themselves first. But they wouldn't be there if not for millions of voters who handed it to them on a platter. People like John Kerry, Hillary, Obama... they're all in it 100% for themselves, and honestly have made out like bandits. When you're dumb enough trust the fort to such disingenuous, dishonest, self-serving egomaniacs- it's almost hard to blame them for looting it and utilizing government mostly towards their own/allies' ends... what did anybody expect them to do?

Obama voters need take a hard look at the thought process employed in 2008 (if any): without proper due diligence -as expected by The Founders- indulging one's self in fantasies about how obviously BAD people are 'cool' and 'understand' you while trying to fit in socially with other shallow and ignorant people can cause us all a LOT of trouble!

Presidential elections aren't a personal social statement, they're not a reality show, nor a high school popularity contest. It's a REAL responsibility to elect a competent and qualified leader who will leave something better for the next generation -at least retain an atmosphere of opportunity and liberty for all- and not place our whole country at the peril of an Alinskyite narcissist nut like BHO just because he's got a nice smile and you think you like his neckties.

If you'd actually bothered to look into his past and connections at all -as I did in 2008 (w/ post featured on Michael Savage)- you'd have been as mortified of him becoming president as I was. But what's truly inexcusable is giving Obama yet another go at it in 2012... when there was substantial smoke all over the place -inc. Benghazi's- to arouse the suspicions of any intellectually honest person.

Alas, instead somehow you felt smug and self satisfied that you helped prevent that successful Mormon businessman from taking over- what a disaster that would have been, huh?