07 May 2013

9-11 Benghazi Drone Operator to Hannity:
‘Reports Something Might Go-Down... Already Known... Hours Before’ (audio)

Benghazi drone operator
Hannity took a call on his radio show yesterday from 'Dave in Iowa' who claims to have been a drone camera operator who operated over Benghazi during the siege of 9-11-2012.

He confirmed that the Obama Administration has been lying and covering-up what happened that night- a fact he says he 'knew immediately' when -'particularly Susan Rice'- came out with the utterly fictitious 'protest against a video' narrative while scrubbing Al Qaeda's name from wherever it appeared. He went on to say that he watched it unfold live on an infrared camera
-with dozens 'if not hundreds' of fighters outside the consulate- and that 'if it was a protest, that would have to be
the protest of all ages...'

Even worse, although he and the remote pilot of the drone were notified 'something was about to go down' hours before the attack even occurred -and told to fly their RPA (remotely piloted aircraft) over to the consulate- they were 'not allowed to be armed' due to prior US agreements made with today's
near-lawless Libya.

Why didn't he speak up sooner? He now says he wishes perhaps he had... although 'Dave' had signed non-disclosure agreements that prevented this. But he also felt that it was all
SO big, the truth would have to surface eventually- and perhaps he was right:

 'You want to have faith -and trust- in your government, and hope that they would come out with he truth, and...
get to the bottom of it. 

But apparently that's not what they wanted to do-'