20 May 2013

Anti-Fraud Group 'True the Vote' Harassed
NOT JUST by IRS, but FBI, OSHA... then ATF!

Talkin a lot more than a tax audits now...

Houston-based True the Vote is an organization dedicated to preserving the integrity of the voting process. They're a outfit any normal, good-faith American ought to be glad exists, what with 160 U.S. counties showing more people registered than the actual number of live, eligible voters in existence. Alas, the compulsively-crooked Obama White House despises them.

True the Vote IS NOT a Republican outfit, and promotes no candidates nor political issues- they're merely focused on ensuring legal/fair/inclusive voting. In just the previous 18 months, voter fraud cases have been prosecuted in 36 states, so they know the problem is real, as does apparently the 'progressive' left that's been utilizing it to win elections...
thus their (telling) fear of these good folks.

Last night on Huckabee, president of True The Vote Catherine Engelbrecht detailed the unprecedented (in this country) political harassment her justice-seeking organization has suffered at the hands of Obama's politicized IRS once they dared apply for tax exempt status: she and her group were shaken-down by IRS auditors for months- they drilled her re. Facebook posts, Twitter tweets... even where Catherine was scheduled to speak!

But that was nothing: Engelbrecht said she was soon also harassed by the FBI, OSHA and then by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), who paid a visit and physically 'checked' her gun safe...

And while it's no surprise that hyper-partisan, morally-bankrupt Team Obama was out to neutralize conservative groups, attacking voter integrity organizations carries the obvious implications that the White House not only has no interest in honest elections... they're out to get anybody who even asks too many questions about it.

Now that Obama's been caught, his noxious administration is
-typically- casting about for some White House janitor to blame, while everybody knows such widespread political oppression -which is about as anti-American as it gets- had to have come straight from the WH. As a matter of fact, initial efforts to blame the whole IRS targeting scandal on some cubicle-dwellers in Cincinnati has been exposed as a blatant lie already, as at least two other IRS regional offices have been implicated.

In the wake of the unsettling revelations we've seen over the last week, more people are starting to deduce that Obama probably stole the 2012 election with fraud and by squelching Tea Party groups with any government intimidation his crew of thugs and evil scientists thought they could pull-off.

And they did get-away with these Stasi-esque shenanigans...
up until now, anyway.