14 May 2013

Benghazigate Timeline... in Pictures

After months of begging for better security, one day
Ambassador Stevens places a panicked call for HELP... 
hillary not now ambassador stevens benghazi  obama sleeps benghazi

Our military is ready to rescue the Ambassador and his 
staff, but are given the order to 'Stand Down' by Obama
benghazi timeline

Team Obama/Hillary race into action within 24 hrs 
blaming, naming and arresting an innocent 
filmmaker while apologizing to violent Muslims.
obama hillary apologize film muslims benghazi lies obama hillary benghazi scapegoat filmmaker lie

The coverup, whitewash and media blackout 
begin when their lies fall apart...

In contrast to her rush to blame and pass the buck, 
Hillary was surely in no hurry to face Congress.

She flees the country, goes on a bender, bumps her head, 
 feigns illness, and drags her feet for months... 

Progs squeal 'It was sooooo long ago'...
hillary clinton congress testify drunk benghazi

Now Hill faces additional grilling 
on The Hill... ironic, isn't it

HOW will it all end...?
hillary clinton prison

obama resigns new york times impeach fool idiot 
 Benghazigate Timeline
Thanks FReeper bon mots!