15 May 2013

Sounds Like Petty, Warped Obama Tried to Get His Own (Conservative) Cousin FIRED While the IRS Screwed w/ His Refund!

If you've ever had the pleasure of interacting with Dr Milton Wolf -physician, blogger, and writer for the Washington Times- he's as about as nice and genuine a guy as you could ask to meet...
hard to imagine anybody having much of a problem with him.

Alas, today he stands as a microcosm of the TEA Party movement as a whole: just like its shocking to see Obama treat radicals better than us 'good guys', Wolf's crime is being a constitutionally-aware patriot, and daring to speak out against this vile regime. 

But since he's family, there's a special kind of hate reserved for wayward kin, of course... even harsher and more bileful than the normal, garden-variety hate Obama reserves for all the rest of us.

Another commonality would be Obama's IRS going after so many TEA Party groups, while the government was also apparently also working to get Milton Wolf canned...

During the 5/14/2013 White House press conference,
Dr. Wolf tweeted: 

The same year the #IRS held up my tax refund for months w/o ever saying why, the WH urged the @WashTimes to drop me.

 I asked him for more details. He explained what happened back in 2010 (quoted with his permission): 
 They called my editor and feigned concern that the Washington Times was taking advantage of me… by publishing my op-eds critical of Barack Obama. 

Around the same time the IRS put a hold on our tax refund that required an arbitrator and several months to resolve. We finally received our refund (and interest) but never an explanation. The local IRS office and the arbitrator seemed genuinely confused by the ordeal using terms like 'very strange' and 'unusual' but never could explain why it happened. One wonders.