13 May 2013

THIS is the Week where Benghazigate Devours the Wicked Obama Regime

You won't have to wait for any investigations, 
Obama has made so many enemies at State Dept, 
CIA, and Pentagon, it's all coming out out now... 

The walls are closing-in fast- and they know it: witness Jay 'Carney Barker' Carney's 'ashen appearance' at Friday's hostile presser... where all present witnessed the glorious miracle of the White House press corps arising from the grave in unison and actually starting to ask questions. Meanwhile other players are now starting to talk, i.e. David Patraeus' comment that he always considered the WH/State Dept Benghazi talking points to be 'useless'.

And there's no shortage of questions to ask, esp. considering how the MSM to this point hasn't really asked very many-
of course Carney answered even fewer, and when he did, with obfuscation, deflection, and baldfaced lies.

So WHERE was Obama that night? Did he just go to bed like Mark Levin says? Where's the cool picture from the White House Situation Room this time? Hmmm?

If I'm not mistaken, only the president issues 'stand down' orders- WHY did he do it? We now know rescue crews were chomping at the bit- yet he and Hillary left a US Ambassador and three others to die. WHY?

WHERE are all the other witnesses that were there on that night? WHO's hiding them?

WHY were the talking points edited 12x? WHY was the CIA's references to 'Al Qaeda' and 'five previous Benghazi attacks' get scrubbed from them? WHO did it?

WHY did Obama, Biden, Rice, Hillary, and Carney ALL LIE to us about some fictional 'demonstration'... among other things?

And why did Jay Carney have a special, private, off-the-record meeting with 'reporters that matter' (he really did say that) just prior to Friday's presser... a meeting that  went on-and-on in a back room, delaying the original scheduled time of the press conference by over three hours?

This schlubb has got to crack under the pressure soon- is anyone envious of a man who serves as this habitually dishonest president's firewall between him and an increasingly hostile press (that's trying to save what residual crumbs of credibility they retain)?

Evidence such cracking may already can be seen in Mr Carney's assertion that increased IRS scrutiny/audits of TEA Party and other conservative groups were 'not political' in nature... of course not Jay lol

Pop the popcorn and kick back, this is going to be a great week...

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