09 May 2013

Ugly Truth of Benghazi Testimony to
Test Even Obammunists' Considerable
Lying and Traducement Capabilities

All hail the truth tellers...
  • The US Consulate was attacked by 60+ armed men and hit by mortars aimed with military precision- everybody and his dog on the ground in Benghazi that night knew it was an organized terrorist attack.
  • Former deputy chief of mission in Libya Greg Hicks said there was no protest whatsoever in Benghazi, and in his opinion absolutely no Libyan public awareness the YouTube clip existed- a 'non-event'.
  • He went on to say that the Obama regime's BS fairy-tale not only harmed relations with/'embarrassed' the new Libyan government -who said immediately it was a 'terrorist attack'- but also contributed to an inexcusable 3-week delay in getting FBI agents to the (picked-clean-of-evidence) crime scene.
  • The body of our dead ambassador went missing for hours, yet eventually surfaced at a hospital run by the Islamists suspected of orchestrating the attack in the first place. Hicks called the phone call re. Stevens' death the 'saddest' he's ever received.
  • When Hicks called Hillary at 2AM to tell her of the siege and death of Ambassador Stevens, she never even bothered to call him back that night... nor the entire next day. Hey, who needs his version of events when she and Barack were busy cooking-up The Truth (stat, before Susan Rice hit the talkies)?
  • Later, once Mr Hicks made clear he was unhappy with the government's fictional version of events, he was promptly appointed -like a child, and by the Obama Administration itself- a 'chaperone' who's presence was mandatory whenever he dared try to talk to visiting members of Congress, etc. Once he did otherwise -because his 'babysitter' lacked the necessary security clearance to be in-on the conversation- Hicks was called and chewed-out by Hillary's 'angry' chief-of-staff Cheryl Mills, who demanded a full reporting on what was told to
    Rep Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) that day.
  • Soon afterward, the previously valued and professionally praised Hicks was being criticized, blamed, slandered... and effectively demoted.
  • Neither US installations at Tripoli or Benghazi met the State Dept's own guidelines- a failure that lies right at the feet of Hillary Clinton.
  • A fourth witness could not testify- strategically blocked from doing so by State Dept red tape that has prevented their attorney from getting sufficient security clearance.

Meanwhile from the craven left we get:
  • Servile Obammunist lackeys in Congress attempted to blame the Benghazi debacle on Sequestration.
  • Outside of Fox and Cheryl Atkins of CBS, televised MSM media all but ignored yesterday's SIX HOUR Benghazigate hearing while some milked details of the Cleveland sex-dungeon story as a handy-dandy smokescreen.
  • As thanks for her principled journalism, Atkins is already being treated like an unprofessional pariah
    by her own network.
  • Predictably, goofy lib bloggers are flailing-away with puerile 'arguments' and attempts at mockery of the hearings, and will continue to do so until those wackadoodle Republicans drop all this unpleasantness and join them in a chorus of
    'What Difference Does It Make'.

So is that it? Hardly- there's now a rising call that a Select Committee on Benghazi be convened- but like most things we need to get done these days, that's going to require
some prodding
of Speaker John Boehner: I encourage all to
do just that today.