22 May 2013

Unhinged Nanny Bloomberg to Taxi Co CEO Who Just Beat Him in Court: 'I Am Going to DESTROY All You #@$%ing Guys!'

I would say 'typical' statist tantrum when denied a fresh power-grab, yet this one is really a bit over the top... 

The NY Post (via JWF) is reporting an incident where Mayor Bloomberg confronted a cab fleet operator in a private club over his recent court defeat re. his utopian 'Cab of the Future' program. Hissoner seems to have made quite an ass of himself in fact, threatening at the top of his lungs -with red face- while utilizing the 'F' word twice to underscore his point.

And what's he all worked-up about? Seems his cab-replacement program (that was to force cab operators in the NYC metro area to dump iconic American sedans for a MANDATORY Nissan minivan that is assembled in Spain) got shot-down in court... and this is a guy who thinks it's his mission in life to tell Gotham City residents what to eat, drink, think, and drive, so now he's pissed. Of course the judge is WRONG and it's not his fault for overreaching his authority or anything...

Talkin to me?
It was bad enough when we lost Checker... but who needs to see Times Square packed with 200 of these butt-ugly grocery-getters?

Although it's hard to deny they make a decent car, Nissan knows this is the Hollywood product placement of all time... one they get to make a profit on instead of paying millions in fees to the studios. Can you imagine if Trump was mayor? He'd be charging them to have the brand featured in movies for coming decades. Bloomberg knows that he's making Manhattan look less American, too- and forever- just like that mosque he is so inexplicably fond of.

What would have been wrong with the FORD Transit Connect NYC taxi proposal- from the Last Real American Car Company? Yeah- Obama doesn't much care for those headstrong capitalist robber-barons either. 

The Union of the Unemployed's demand that the cabs be built in the United States fell on deaf ears at City Hall. Lobbying group Americans United Against a Nuclear Iran pushed hard for FoMoCo, as Nissan have been doing business with Tehran, counter to US security interests.

One of greenfreak Bloomie's primary motives for going with the Japanese car was purported to be a modular drivetrain design with hard points that allow for an "upgrade" to full electric power in the future... surely the good folks living in the shadow of coal-fired electric plants over in NJ are thrilled to hear that Manhattan's auto emission problems will eventually be outsourced to them, as will be mountains of highly-toxic spent batteries then making their way to Jersey scrapyards.