29 May 2013

What the ARGUS Drone Camera's
6" Resolution Can See From 17,000 ft...

for a reason!!!

Rumors of an experimental 1.8-gigapixel surveillance video camera in development at DARPA -the ARGUS-IS- first surfaced in 2009. But PBS this year got hold of some actual video feeds- and they are indeed chilling.

All it takes is one lone unit circling an area half the size of Manhattan (at cca 15-20,000 ft.) to provide comprehensive video surveillance of every single inch. They are running a program on the moving objects, meaning generating structured data out of the video, not merely displaying images. Just imagine drone-loving Dear Leader with a few hundred of these at his disposal.

And it doesn't even take the utmost tech to get this kind of resolution- this is what a drone equipped with this camera can image, record, and analyze at 17,000 ft...

DARPA   Phys.org   The Examiner   h/t Kirby