21 June 2013

'Miss Russia 2013' Elmira Abdrazakova
'Not Slavic Enough' for Some People Over There

Feel free to send her our way, Ivan!

The Russians are having an eventful year, preparing for the 2014 Winter Olympics at Sochi and slated to host this year's 'Miss Universe 2013' pageant in Moscow. And today's Russian Federation -like the Soviet Union- officially prides itself on being an ethnically-diverse country.

Yet while there's fear of Muslim terrorism at Sochi, it's some Russians' own soccer-hooligan type racism has had them making terroristic death threats to Miss Russia 2013 -Elmira Abdrazakova- simply for not being of pure Russian blood.

Miss Abdrazakova is half Tartar/half Russian- her father brought the young girl from Kazakhstan to Russia, where she mostly grew up. But the hatin's not limited to just street thugs- nasty online commentators have come right out w/ stuff like 'this gypsy woman cannot be the
face of Russia!'. 

These people are pretty picky about who's qualified to be in the
Russian master-race, aren't they- she's got sparkling 
blue-green eyes, and is frankly stunning- what do they want? SS papers?

In summary, are you guys nuts? Ship her off to the States if you don't like the look, Ruskies- we'll find some room for her: