28 June 2013

Writing a Lousy Immigration Bill Wasn't Enough- They HADDA Pack It with Pork, too!

Sen Sessions: 'This bill must never become law...'

As the Senate's infamous Gang of Eight aims to find 70 votes -in order to put political pressure on the House- you just knew they were going to be doing some major favors for recalcitrant Senators- expensive gifts the government will be paying for by moving balances around on it's own credit cards, like a down-and-out gambling addict.

But in these times of monumental fiscal peril -what with the US government borrowing from itself + printing $80B/mo, backed by nothing- it's truly unsettling to see how well Dems and Republicans still work together when they're robbing you blind, like a well oil-machine
-and well-oiled pig- at the same time.

Patriots, this 'immigration' bill is disingenuous to the core, as are the shills' BS promises... and now you can see we can't afford it financially, either: besides all the dirty tricks and intended-to-fail provisions that actually have something to do with immigrants, -not to mention establishment of spooky biometric face-recognition database- here's a mere sampling of the pork-barrel binge-ing snuck-into the Gang of Eight's unfocused, unscrupulous, and intentionally-misleading 'immigration reform' bill...
  • ƜberPorkmeister Harry Reid had a 'crony capitalism casino kickback' to Las Vegas casinos written into the bill, by making the 'Travel Promotion Act' permanent. Regrettably,  Nevada's junior (Republican) senator was right there with him, not only supporting ill-conceived 'immigration' legislation but spending money on pork-barrel handouts to big Vegas operators who I doubt need a penny of it.
  • 'Independent' socialist nut Bernie Sanders (I-VT) saw fit to throw another $1.5 Billion (with a 'B') at the failed Obama 'stimulus' in the form of 'job training for youth'... remember what Einstein said about the definition of 'insanity'?
  • The 'Alaska Seafood Special' awards seafood-processing jobs special status as 'shortage occupations', enabling them to hire low-skilled illegal immigrants to fill 'temporary' jobs, a BIG bipartisan favor to Alaska Sens. Mark Begich (Democrat) and Lisa Murkowski (Gee Oh Pee).
  • Lobbyists for au pair agencies were also successfully slipped special-interest perks into the Senate immigration bill, reports USA Today. But WHO KNOWS how much pork will actually be in the bill as voted upon? NObody's read it, and couldn't if they wanted to, since everything's whipped-out just hours prior to voting....
Voice-of-reason Sen John Cornyn (R-Tx) hates the bill,
and will tell you why: 

'You're left with a bill that's chockfull of de facto earmarks, pork-barrel spending and special interest sweeteners, a bill that increase the on-budget deficit, but fails to guarantee a border that's secure and offers only promises, which historically Congress has been very, very, very, very bad about keeping'

Even DEMOCRAT Sen. Patrick Leahy (VT) said the bill is so riddled with corporate concessions that it 'reads like a Christmas wish list for Haliburton.'... 

Luckily, nobody in the House thinks the Gang o' 8 Senate bill has a snowball's chance in their chamber, yet that doesn't stop Boehner from doing something silly himself- as he'd apparently like to.

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