02 July 2013

Craven Waterboy Media Attempts to Sweep Egyptian Anti-Obama Protest Pics Under the Rug

Such images from 'largest protest in human history' (17 million!)
against dubious Muslim Brotherhood regime not newsworthy?

With the White House conspicuous by it's silence... 
how many Americans are even aware of the 
sort of people we're backing over there?

Obammunist propaganda rags -i.e. Washington Post- are attempting to mock the demonstrators and paint anti-US/Obama/Patterson protests as illogical, but it's plain to see for any intellectually-honest person that the Obama Administration has backed (and given F-16's to!) an oppressive, anti-democratic, and not very popular Islamist regime in Egypt... and millions over there have already had about enough of it:

Alas, 'P' and 'B' sound very similar in Arabic...

Sign depicts US Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson 
-btw 'hayzaboon' means 'old hag' or 'crone' in Arabic-
they know who's propping-up the Islamists

"Egypt will remain a civil state... Life... Freedom... Justice"

This isn't the first time the US press has buried 
major anti-Obama sentiment in Egypt, mind you...

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