20 July 2013

Ordering a Pizza in Obama's Orwellian USA...

Just when I thought the bizarre, destructive Obammunist era 
couldn't get any weirder, NOW I find myself siding with the ACLU!!!

Watch this clip and tell me you don't, too- not all that far from what one ought to be expecting: once privacy is as fully breached -as the Obama regime is attempting- it's never coming back... doesn't work that way!

If you're counting on the Constitution and courts to protect your privacy, what did they do to guard you from (unconstitutional by any sane measure) Obamacare being rammed down your throat? NOTHING-
and it doesn't look like there'll be anybody remaining to stop
this, either- all the basic elements have already been established:

ACLU   CagleToons   h/t Kirby