14 July 2013

Zimmerman Riots? Jury NOT Intimidated,
and Neither Should Anyone Else Be

Take it from a guy who patrolled his building's roof 
with a Sig 9mm in the Rodney King riot- no worries

Back in 1992, I had lived in Venice Beach at the Santa Monica border for a couple years when the riot hit. They sent us all home from work early that day -after windows were shot out of a building down the street-
and I sure did witness some fires and lawless zones on the way back to my apartment at the beach.

Back there we heard some shots fired in the late afternoon-evening and a few fires cropped up 5 blocks away or so. Even white-owned businesses where putting 'black owned' signs on their boarded-up shops as they headed for the hills, and the police where nowhere to be seen for hours.

My landlord was a former Army Ranger that had quite a stash of guns, so he, I, and another guy just spent the night on the roof sleeping in shifts to make sure nothing got torched on our street. Nobody squeezed off any rounds tho, and there was only a couple fires and a few gunshots the whole night- all in all, not too much to worry about, and the residual residents of the 4-story building seemed to sleep fine with the roof patrol up there.

The next day the National Guard arrived with an APC parked right across the street from us, and one Guardsman let my girlfriend and I pose with his rifle. I later sent the pic to my folks with the added inscription 'Don't worry mom, I'm all riot!'. We still hadn't seen any LAPD for 24 hours, maybe one car the whole time.

That night we headed on up to the Ventura, CA Holiday Inn, crossing into Malibu just ahead of a freshly-imposed curfew. And it was packed with people escaping continued rioting, of course. In fact -LA being LA- there was quite a non-stop party going on down in the lounge, as the riot news played on a big projection-TV screen.

Since I was a renter with no real stake, I didn't want to expose my gal to any danger by making an extended stand on the roof like the Korean grocers famously did. But because we had our guns and kept our eyes open, we really never had to sweat anything that first violent night in LA.

Alas, if you were a property owner- why tolerate thieves/vandals rioting over the Zimmerman case? I sure wouldn't give an inch to a bunch of 'wilding' idiots who couldn't even explain the basic elements of the murder case/charges (nor provide justification for their own outrageous behavior) if you paid them to do so.

Lock and load, and don't EVER allow race-bating demagogues like Big Al, JJ, and yes Barack Obama to threaten anyone with street violence if we don't allow the conviction of an innocent man simply because they deem it necessary... Americans can and will defend themselves, their homes, and their property- just like Zimmerman did.

Mr Issa, you're going to look into Obama and Holder's involvement in this attempted lynching, right...? Time to have a hard look at why these two ne'er-do-wells made this situation 10x worse than it had to be.

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