02 August 2013

Boehner's Inaction Makes Him Complicit in MASSIVE Cover-up of Benghazigate Crimes

70% of congressional Republicans 
want one NOW, you doofus...

Thanks to Jake Tapper's blockbuster story on Wednesday (since suppressed at CNN and utterly ignored by all other MSM hacks), we now have an even darker picture of just what the lawless Obama regime is attempting to hide with their ongoing, mafia-esque coverup of Benghazigate crimes...

Look, just the fact that Nancy Pelosi and the NY Times are attacking those demanding a Select Committee should be reason enough to
press on- got 'em back on their heels already:
  • 'Dozens' of CIA agents were on the ground at Benghazi on 9/11/2012- what where they doing there in the first place- and did they just stand there while the attack went down? 
  • It was either they -the CIA- or Hillary's State Dept that was trying to ship weapons via Libya to Syrian rebels, via Syira (according to CNN)... and it looks like some of the many
    Al Qaeda hands in that supply chain turned on Team Obama, killed our ambassador, and blew up our consulate- likely with some of the weapons we gave them. And where did all the AA missiles go that were on the way -sans congressional approval- to the Syrian opposition...?
  • They and other American witnesses to what really happened at the US consulate that day -as opposed to WH fairy-tales- have had their jobs and families threatened as they have been submitted to ongoing, anti-leak lie-detector tests, been moved around the country, and have even undergone CIA-imposed name-changes like somebody in a witness-protection program- and purely to keep them away from the GOP, new media, and the few remaining principled MSM journalists, i.e. Jake Tapper.
  • Seven of the CIA employees where injured in the 9/11 attacks- all them have been quarantined from the press like they're some leper with AIDS.
  • Somebody from sinister Team Obama must have made a real nasty call to CNN since... they've dropped their own scoop like a hot potato- and nobody else in the MSM seems to find it newsworthy.
And it's not just that Boehner simply lacks the courage, moral clarity, or even necessary intelligence to appoint the special prosecutor that 70% of congressional Republicans are calling for (which he dubiously claims would be 'too costly')- to me there seems to be more than a simple lack of skills/drive: like SCOTUS chief John Roberts, it appears that the WH has some sort of dirt on Boehner, and is perhaps blackmailing him.

Just recall how it all ended for David Petraeus once he started to scare the Dear Leader with his independence, while I ask you how else to explain the UNACCEPTABLE lack of initiative in investigating 'phony scandal' Benghazigate crimes that Mark Levin (who served in the Reagan Administration and was involved the Iran-Contra legal case) describes as '1000x worse than Iran-Contra'...

PS- Hey Rep Frank Wolf (R-Va)- yer doin' it right!