03 August 2013

Mark Levin's Quote-of-the-Year (so far):

The topic was Obamacare early on yesterday's 
Mark Levin radio show- other gems included:

  • This damn bill (Obamacare) is a POISON in this country- it's a cancer in this country!
  • This has nothing to do with more people on health care  -taking care of this-group-or-that-group. Do you realize how many people are going to suffer because of this law? 
  • There's nothing 'compassionate' about it- that's just propaganda.
  • (Due to changes in special HC savings accounts) those with especially expensive special-needs children are going to take it in the neck- why?
  • Obamacare is filled with grinding mandates- parents' plans must cover their children until they're 26(!)
  • It's a de facto 'War on Women': one of the unintended consequences is many women will be dropped from their husband's health plan... something has to give... and it's an inevitable way for companies to deal with rising health-care costs (under Obamacare).
  • All these 'unintended consequences' of Obamacare- centralized, big government SUCKS!
  • And this... it's not even a law- it's Jello! ... they exempt a few thousand of their friends... and what is Capitol Hill worried about? Their own health care (O-care exemption).
  • These people (congress-critters) are so damn lucky
    we don't storm that hill...

What to do?

Sign the Mike Lee/Ted Cruz 'defund Obamacare' petition -here-

Ted Cruz explains how it's all gonna work at -here-