28 August 2013

Obama 2002: 'Worried' about 'President Being Handed a Carte Blanche' for Military Strikes
without Congressional Approval

More golden oldies from Dear Leader on the eve of 
his latest violation of the War Powers Act:

  • I am actually pleased with the way things have evolved
    (re. leadup to Iraq war)... President Bush went through the United Nations... I also think us rushing into a war unilaterally would be a mistake
  • If we overthrow Saddam... what's our long-term commitment there... how much is it gonna cost... how do we stabilize and make sure this country doesn't splinter into factions?
  • If it (Iraq War Powers Resolution, empowering Bush to strike without consulting Congress) had came to me in an
    up-or-down vote... I would have voted 'nay'.
  • What I would have been concerned about is a carte blanche to the (Bush) Administration, which I think would set a bad precedent...

Looked stoned, per usual:

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