21 August 2013

Obama's Organizing-for-Action Now Helping
a Seriously Misguided PAUL RYAN
Ram Amnesty Down Our Throats

It was bad enough in the first place, having to watch the Gee-Oh-Pee establishment get in bed with Obama on immigration 'reform', completely ignoring the Tea Party base that handed them their
majority on the Hill...

Then we had to endure being called kooks and worse while protesting suicidal collusion with the (drooling-in-anticipation of 10M+ new voters) Democrats... all while these RINOs pretend they're actually standing up for something we might care about.

Now we have the hyper-partisan Obama regime's sign-carrying-and-yelling arm -Organizing for Action, an offshoot of Organizing for America- openly supporting amnesty-pumping RINOs like Paul Ryan via street demonstrations. WaPo reports that OFA activists were dispatched Monday to congressional districts of Republicans who back passing an immigration/amnesty bill in cahoots with the left.

Other than Rep Ryan, the Obammunists also fanned-out in support of Republicans. Jeff Denham (Calif.), Joe Heck (Nev.), Dave Reichert (Wash.), Aaron Schock (Ill.), and Dan Webster (Fla.).

And while the Senate's comprehensive Gang-of-Eight bill hasn't a prayer in the House, there's been little attempt to hide the fact that Boehner is scheming with Dems to push most of it through the House of Representatives in a slo-mo, piecemeal fashion... akin to pulling
all your teeth out one-by-one, rather than simultaneously.

So the next time the anybody tries to tell you what a pos you are for opposing what Paul Ryan et. al. are attempting to do to this country... just look who they're sleeping with.

DailyCaller   Sodahead   OFA   Washington Post   h/t Drudge

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