27 August 2013

Rush: Dems Tell Me Privately They Fear 'At Some Point the American People Are Going to Wake-Up'

More select tidbits...

  • A lot of Democrats that tell me (privately) that they are just -distressed- over what Obama has done to the healthcare industry- and to jobs. They're afraid to say anything about it because of recriminations- because this regime fights back. This regime does not take internal criticism at all...
    (but) they would love to repeal it.
  • They know they don't have the votes in the Senate
  • I have Democrats tell me they're worried long-term, what's happening to (their) party... what they fear is that at some point the American people are going to wake up... there's going to be shrinking prosperity .. there's going to be a giant backlash against the Democratic party... when they see that it doesn't work
  • What this guy’s really afraid of is once you take Obama out of the equation and can’t blame race and you don’t have this mythological, messianic-like figure — once you put your standard, ordinary, everyday average Democrat in there -even including Hillary- then it’s all ('progressive' momentum) gonna come to a screeching halt.
  • I'll tell you something else that these Democrats tell me privately: they're not comfortable with the way this country
    is being divided (race/class)
  • This MLK anniversary speech Obama's going to do on Wednesday... the civil rights guys are not that excited about this. Because Obama's not down for the struggle. He doesn't come from the civil rights struggle... he has to fake that.
  • They really thought the First Black President was going to be doling-out special things for the black community- it hasn't happened, and the unemployment #s show it.
  • Obama has not done anything especially -and exclusively- for the black community but talk.

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