24 August 2013

Time to Restore Some Sanity to this Country-

Frying those who kill innocents for sport would be a start...

The feral animals that beat WWII hero Delbert 'Shorty' Belton to death in Spokane this week -just like the satanic thrill-kill thuglets that wasted Australian Chris Lane in an upscale OK neighborhood- are an irreparable, dangerous enemy within our society- to be treated as such

Try 'em as adults from 14+... and don't be shy about putting
anybody in The Chair, dammit. 

Then charge the parents, too- that should provide some
incremental deterrent.

But Ross Perot said that once these neighborhoods and families descend into chaos, with little morality or even shame remaining
-as they have in the misguided Obama era- there is NO fixing them. He said the only effective option might be to remove the kids and put them in government homes, then you can turn it around in a generation or two... nothing else will work once a sub-society collapses like this-
and it has collapsed.

Perhaps it's nuts to think you're ever going to do anything but contain 'the hood', regardless of racial makeup. These mostly-unproductive, costly sub-societies -which glorify 'thug' culture with their clothing, music, trends, etc- are just like the Palestinians, really: there's child warriors, little (legal) economic activity, self-destructive vandalism,
racist-hatred/junk history driving an endless sense of victimhood, synthetic 'offense' everyday, justification of violence against innocents, etc.  They used to call Perot a kook- but it's hard to argue with the man after a week like one we just had.

Hey Jesse Jackson, do you 'frown upon' Mr Belton's horrific demise, too -at the hands of these warped little bastards?

A racial hate-crime.... isn't that your specialty, fishface?

How 'bout Al Sharpton? I wonder what that moron's thinking- if anything.

What YOU got to say about this one, President Slick? 

Why have we heard nary a peep from you re. the insanely hateful wild beasts praying on innocent Americans at an alarmingly increasing rate- you divisive, race-obsessed twit? Too tired after your onion rings and ice cream? Perps don't fit your BS narrative? Perhaps the Helter-Skelter revolutionary in you even kinda likes it-

Obama has now brought America not just the corruption, economic stagnation, and Big Government of the the Chicago model -but mindless street violence and racial hatred as well- and right to our doorsteps- 'fundamental change', just like he promised.

Alas... as with economics, the TEXAS model trumps his model... 
for anybody genuinely interested in solutions, anyway.