07 August 2013

Vichy Republican John Boehner Not Only
'Made a Deal w/Obama' -but Fears
Being Implicated in Benghazigate Himself

Appearing on Fox, Pat Caddell said Monday that John Boehner quietly went-along the harebrained Libya-Syria gun running scheme that blew up in the Obama regime's face last year -without proper congressional approval- and now fears the consequences of his own grave errors. 

Thus, the House Speaker is no more interested in a real Benghazigate probe than Hillary Clinton would be- this despite 70% support for the appointment of a Select Committee among congressional Republicans...

So how can we force this duplicitous crapweasel to do the right thing?

As Mark Levin says, Boehner 'doesn't give a damn', and clearly has NO interest in getting to the bottom of what happened at Benghazi- his behavior over the last few months has made that readily apparent.
Levin purports that Agent Orange must have 'made a deal' with the White House- why else would obstruct an investigation that's actually traditional in such situations? 

The president sure isn't answering any questions- neither is his spokesman Jay Carney, who brushes-off any serious ones as preposterous nonsense, not worthy of his time. Alas, shameless liar Hillary Clinton got the kid-glove treatment from Boehner and his ilk, too- nobody involved in Benghazi has been forced testify truthfully -under oath- while residual witnesses are hidden like they're Sammy the Bull.

There's no logical, principled legal argument for not looking into Benghazigate, Mr Speaker- and owing to the lack credible explanation for your (non) actions, all we're left with is the conclusion that you've made some ill advised deal with the devil-- and may now have hell-to-pay.