02 September 2013

Call Your Congressional Representative NOW and Tell Them to VOTE NO on Syria Attack!

With a mere 9% of voters cool with a US attack on Syria... are we going to just stand back and allow Obama to bamboozle the House into a politically-driven war than does nothing to serve the security interests of the United States?

An ill-advised adventure -launching the Democrats' 2014 House campaigns with a bang- where we would in-effect become
Al Qaeda's air arm? 

Thanks- but I think I'll pass

And if other patriots feel the same way, they can do what I'm doing right now- call their congresscritter before he goes wobbly on ya. The Obama regime is already pushing all out to pressure lawmakers into approving his planned attack on Damascus...  when Obama forgot they even exist until Britain, France, and the UN walked ran away from this. 

Perhaps while informing your representative of how you feel, you could remind them of the utter contempt Obama holds for their authority: this is like getting caught stealing candy from the store, then offering to pay for it! If these people have even a speck of pride or principle, they'll tell
Dear Leader to go screw himself.

And it doesn't take but a minute for us clingers to do the right thing...
so please do:

Here’s the link to email your rep... or call them -here-

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