03 September 2013

Daily Mail (UK) Scrubs Jan 2013 Story fr Site:
Obama Planned to Stage Chemical Attack,
Blame Assad Regime

That was just a month after Dear Leader drew his 
(blurry) 'red line' on chemical weapons in Syria... 

Who knows if who, what, or anything threatened the (tabliod) Daily Mail, but the now-scrubbed story (Jan 29, 2013) sure didn't fit the Obama-supporting narrative so prevalent on our side of the pond...

Alas, there's no just 'erasing' stuff anymore... those days are over! Bloggers and photo sharing sites reveal the futility of the ole
-click to enlarge-

Recall less than a week ago the UN itself said Syrian REBELS were the ones using Sarin nerve gas weapons... difference between people like the UN and Obama/MSM lackeys is that the disingenuous latter group have a difficult mid-term election to win.

And WTF (why the fuss) CNN? Staging news events with actors, now?

Nothing new for 'progressive' tool Anderson Cooper- he's been caught faking news and airing phony Sandy Hook bits in service to the odious Obama agenda before.