07 September 2013

Faces LIVE: 'Stay with Me' - 1972

Faces -sometimes known as The Faces- were an English rock band formed in by residual members of the legendary Small Faces when Steve Marriott left that group to form Humble Pie with Peter Frampton
et. al. in 1969... 

The name derived from English 'mod' slang of the era, where 'happening' or socially-known people within the mod scene were known as 'faces'- along with the fact that all five band members were somewhat vertically-challenged.

After the highly-successful Small Faces broke-up, the remaining band members - Ronnie Lane (bass guitar), Ian McLagan (keyboards) and Kenney Jones (drums) - were joined by two (taller) blokes, Ronnie Wood (guitar) and Rod Stewart (lead vocals)- both from The Jeff Beck Group. Wood and Stewart also brought the songwriting ability the band lost when Steve Marriott left. The new line-up was christened simply 'Faces', who went-on to make four studio albums and toured regularly until the autumn of 1975.  

But Rod Stewart's unique gravelly voice, stage presence, and cool haircut brought him a particularly high level of attention -esp. from the ladies- and he simultaneously pursued a solo recording career. As that solo career became more successful than that of the group, the Faces came to be overshadowed by their lead singer. A disillusioned Ronnie Lane left the band in 1973- one reason given later for his departure was frustration over not having more opportunities to sing lead vocals.

During the Faces' final year, Ronnie Wood -a good buddy of Kieth Richards- also toured with the Rolling Stones.. In 1975 -when Wood continued to work with the Stones- things came to a head, and the band split up. Drummer Kenny Jones came to replace Kieth Moon of The Who, Ronnie joined the Stones for good, and of course Stewart has enjoyed superstardom as a solo artist for 40 years now...

Faces: Stay With Me (Stewart/Wood -1972)

In the morning, don't say you love me
'cause I'll only kick you out of the door

I know your name is Rita
'cuz your perfume's smelling sweeter
since when I saw you down on the floor -guitar-

Won't need to much pursuading
I don't mean to sound degrading
but with a face like that
you got nothing to laugh about

Red lips, hair, and fingernails
I hear you're a mean old jezabel
Lets go up stairs and read my tarot cards

Stay with me, stay with me
for tonight you better stay with me

So in the morning, please don't say you love me
'cause you know I'll only kick you out the door

Yeah, I'll pay your cab fare home
you can even use my best colonge
just don't be here in the morning when I wake up

Come on now
stay with me, stay with me
'cause tonight you're gonna stay with me
sit down, get up, get down

Stay with me, stay with me
'cause tonight you're gonna stay with me

Hey, whats your name again?

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