04 September 2013

Marco Rubio -Long a Supporter of Action in Syria-
Says Now It's 'Too Late', Obama 'Missed the Boat'

'Left us with the worst possible scenario'

Marco Rubio -a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee- told Jake Tapper yesterday that 'we are really in a bind here', owing to the president's lack of action and/or strategy since the birth of the
Syrian civil conflict...

But it's pretty telling when one of the loudest advocates of intervention in Syria -who I really never agreed with, same as on immigration- now says he can't see what we can or should do that would lead to any sort of outcome favorable to the interests of the United States. Note that nobody else can explain why we ought to acquiesce to such a foolhardy endeavor either... other than to help our trash-talking punk of a president save face.

In the wake of the Obama regime's perpetual vacillation, Rubio likened the situation now confronting the US to a football game in which we are
9 points down, with mere seconds left- but 'there's no such thing as a
9-point touchdown'

Worse yet, Assad falling could lead to just 'another civil war'... so in this former Syria hyper-hawk's view, there's simply no good alternatives for action remaining- Sen Rubio added: 'In foreign policy issues, timing matters'. As it is, 'Assad is using these weapons because he's trying to survive. ... I don't think three days worth of missile strikes is going to dissuade him from doing whatever it takes to survive in the future'.

And let me tell you this, my friends- the battle over the vote to grant Obama war powers in Syria will go down as a historic Waterloo for not just the Obammunists, but the utterly useless RINO squirrels right-along with him (on the wrong side of history)... they're all about to be utterly discredited and humiliated BIG TIME, as the American people simply
do not want this war:

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