14 October 2013

Democrat and Former Obama Supporter
Mort Zuckerman Now Sees Only an
Ineffective, Contemptuous Loner

Mortimer Zuckerman is a Canadian-born American real estate/media tycoon and co-founder, chairman and CEO of Boston Properties, one of the largest real estate investment trusts in the United States. He is also owner/publisher of the New York Daily News and of U.S. News & World Report, where he serves as editor-in-chief, used to own The Atlantic, and is worth about two-and-a-half billion bucks.

In addition to all that, he's a regular and entertaining guest on the good ole McLaughlin Report, where I do enjoy Zuckerman's well-supported turn on Obama: seems he's deeply alarmed by where Dear Leader's taking us, particularly regarding fiscal and national security issues- and his arguments come across as sincere, well-thought-out, and credible.

But what the man is saying this week (re. Obama and the debt crisis he and the lap-dog media are attempting to pin on the Republicans) is that it's chiefly the fault of the President himself... he's the one that's supposed to be providing leadership in ending the stalemate instead of digging-in and lobbing churlish insults.

If not effective leadership, you'd think Obama at least would be willing to talk to some people in Congress at a time like this -if only Democrats- but according to Zuckerman, our nation's Narcissist-in-Chief can't even be bothered with that:

"This president has very few personal relationships... not only with the Republicans, but even with the Democrats. And I can tell you that from direct personal knowledge, listening to the leadership of the Democrats in both the House and the Senate.

Reagan -when he was president- every week would have a luncheon with six Democrats- he built up a relationship. Bill Clinton did the same thing. 

You don't have this here, so the kind of dialogue that you normally have -that leads to compromise, that leads to negotiation- just isn't there... 

That is a key part of how our government works...
and it's not working now."

Alas, BHO tends to keep the legislative process at arm's length while forcing his agenda through behind the scenes, taking cheap shots at conservatives, issuing propaganda via MSM tools, and dispatching pre-programmed evil monkeys Reid, Pelosi, et al to do the dirty work... then he justs kicks-back and waits to take all the credit if any of this crap actually ever works.

Mort Zuckerman is hardly the only one to note this, but it's always more interesting coming from a liberal... here's what some other libs have said about Obama's antisocial demeanor:
Neera Tanden, (aide to B. Clinton and Obama): "Obama doesn't call anyone, and he's not close to almost anyone. It's stunning that he's in politics, because he really doesn't like people."
Journalist John Heilemann: "I don't think he doesn't like people. I know he doesn't like people."
WaPo's Scott Wilson: "Obama is, in short, a political loner who prefers policy over the people who make politics in this country work."
Liberal NYT columnist Roger Cohen: "Nixon, like Obama, was a loner, but he had Kissinger generating ideas..." but, for Obama "there is only one star in the galaxy at this White House and his name is Barack Obama."
Barack Obama himself said in Dreams from My Father that people are an "unnecessary distraction." (h/t American Thinker)

But the hands-free Dem/RINO machine that's rammed Hopenchange through for Obama (to this point) suddenly doesn't work quite the same anymore- seems somebody's thrown a spanner in the works, and our sociopath President has chosen to just sit home and pout about it.