11 October 2013

How Ted Cruz Ruined My
Trip to a National Park (Website)

Soooo I'm searching for info on a Civil War historic site and
click on a National Park Service page presented 
(high) in the Google results- yet all I get is this:

"Because of the Federal Government Shutdown, 
all national parks are closed 
and the National Park Service webpages are not operating
For more information, go to www.doi.gov"

It costs less somehow to generate/post disingenuous Obama propaganda and close down all their other pages, then? And these messages are putting themselves up?

That ain't how it works with my server-

Just in case you missed that, a big, black banner promptly pops-over that page with a similar threadbare spiel re. how they've been forced to close the site, how it's 'affecting our national parks', 'what we're doing' to deal with it, etc- but this didn't cost anything to code?

Alas, once you click the 'X' to get rid of that banner, they send us off someplace else: apparently noooo trouble either keeping-up the
US Department of Interior webpage they auto-redirect you to in five seconds (whether you like it or not) so you won't miss hyper-politicized tripe where you can read all about their urgent 'contingency plans'...

Once one clicks on the top-of-the-front page feature re. 'Government Shutdown 2013', they serve up a long page of links and info on such timely topics as unemployment insurance for furloughed federal employees and the emergency 'plans' (perhaps 'schemes' would be more befitting) they've drawn up for each and every area of their authority/responsibility affected by the America-hating TEA Party.

Yes, all of this was developed for free... while it costs way too much to just leave the site up the way it was two weeks ago, back when it just had stuff about wildlife, geology and history (posted in prior months and years) on there- and if you don't buy that, there's got to be something wrong with you.

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