12 October 2013

Levin is Right, Time for TOTAL War on the
Vichy-Republican GOP Establishment

While I'm loathe to fold-up Reagan's Republican 'big tent' for good, the Rove-Boehner-RNC-Fox-WSJ axis has taken the choice out of our hands, as they are clearly out to exterminate -or at least neuter- the TEA Party, particularly it's emerging new leadership i.e. Cruz, Lee,
et. al... so it's kill or be killed (and I know which I'd prefer).

But these losers can't win elections: Rove famously tanked in 2012 with those he and his Big Bux donors chose to back. Many of these GOP candidates were squirelly tools willing to do as he and the ole Bush gang tell them to, ad infinitum. The electorate responded with a resounding 'no thanks' and here we are today, with the influence/power of the ossified Gee Oh Pee at the lowest of lows.

'Perfect candidate' Mitt Romney's utterly weak performance in the presidential campaign -vs a widely-loathed opponent- made clear to all the tepid appeal of unprincipled Republican squishes in any contest- so why run any more of them, except in maybe urban New England or San Fran, where we have to...?

Now the party's co-opted RINO 'leadership' just caved again, even as polls showed Obama's approval tanking while he manipulated the shutdown for political leverage. But Boehner's latest poorly-played 'grand bargain' with Obama even includes reversal of prior sequester cuts and doesn't touch Obamacare. 

THIS time's the last straw for me- we need to go with Doug Ross' plan to take Boehner out at the knees for turning his back on the TEA Party that handed him a congressional majority and then declaring war on us: all we need is for constitutional conservatives in his SW Ohio district to vote for the Democrat (!)... seriously: one seat doesn't matter, and do you think the RNC would put another like him up for Speaker again after that?

Yes, his heavily Republican district always re-elects him easily, and he even ran unopposed last time. Yet with all those Republicans, seems to me there's got to be 20-some percent TEA Party conservatives down there... add that to the 35+% Dems have garnered vs Boehner in the past and Agent Orange is down the tubes.

At this point Cantor, McConnell, and -yes- Paul Ryan- can run for the hills, as the next House Speaker -as well as US President- needs to be a Reaganite Republican- nothing else will right this listing ship now,
if even that.

Ted Cruz is obviously the prototype for what we're talking about here...