02 November 2013

2x Obama Voters Entering DEEP Denial Phase...

Tried reasoning with any of them lately?

IMHO now entering a new period where Obama voters simply won't admit their mistake, no matter how bad the pain gets for us all. They're in denial mode it seems (now the only remaining alternative to surrender) rejecting reason on every level while hurling threadbare prog talking points at you, i.e. 'But now they can't turn away people for pre-existing conditions- it's a Good Thing!', like we needed a monstrosity of this magnitude to have this one single change legislated. Alas, they also seem plain tuckered-out and spent from defending a bumbling 
-and now crumbling- Obama.

Meanwhile attacks by MSM/DC Obammunists on the TEA Party and other prog 'state enemies' have been turbocharged, both as a distraction from astonishing Team Obama incompetence + cronyism as well as political pre-emptive strikes on stand-up conservatives who insist on discussing reality- like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, ferinstance.

But the young voters who have been most stubborn -and even radical- will completely freak out when they realize how bad they are being screwed by Obamacare. The truth is, the misnomer ACA depends on the poorest generation -the young- to pay for the oldest -and richest- generation, and that dog won't hunt: the backlash is already growing, and the most rabid street-level leftists are usually the ones with the least $.

Although I agree with Mark Levin's thinking that we ought to back
Ted Cruz to the hilt -and fight Obamacare tooth-and-nail, every day
(not just kick back and wait for it to implode)- the fact is the Republicans are in NO shape to take over this country, especially when you consider that the only agenda our party 'leadership' in the House and Senate currently have is to carry Obama's water. As opportunity to act as savior to America presents itself, John Boehner clearly isn't up to the task intellectually, or otherwise.

More to the point, we constitutional conservatives need to get our own particular house in order to prepare for the coming political vacuum...
I don't think most middle class Americans could afford to pay for this if they wanted to, the rise in rates is simply staggering. Conservatives on the Hill should probably outline what a market-based alternative (with interstate insurance-policy shopping and tort reform, while restoring customer choice) would look like, we need this as a deal-closer with bewildered Obama voters while we continue to campaign for Obamacare's complete and utter destruction (NOT tinkering).

This means no less than toppling the current party leadership, putting Ted Cruz on the presidential ballot, and facing-down Karl Rove, the RNC, Dana Perino types on Fox (and other residual Bushites) every damn day-- along with the whole RINO cabal currently laying at the feet of the vile Obama regime. And Cruz leads every recent early presidential poll I've seen... we've got quite a wind at our back, us clingers.

Step aside, Vichy Republicans, Obama enablers, and other Gee Oh Pee squirrels... this weary and politically confused country needs to find a new direction, stat- and you serial failures have ZERO to say worth listening to. Times, they are a-changing, call it 'Reagan's Revenge'.