30 November 2013

Don't Look Now Boehner/Musty Mitch,
but Voters Want what the TEA Party's
Been Promoting for Years...

No matter what the polarizing, propagandizing left says about fiscal conservatives as it attempts to splinter this country into a pile of kindling, it's not about race, class, or anything like that- it's not even about a major social agenda about to be imposed on the country  (at least not for me).

What it is about -and should be the GOP's unified, disciplined message- is the simple, straightforward idea that the American people 
(and the businesses they own/create) can do most anything better than government can...

This is the foundation all effective conservative movements are built-upon, and with it we can't miss in 2014-16... seemed to work fine for most successful president of the last 100 years (as well the 
Founding Fathers.)

The trick of course is to stay on message while Dems are laying a fusillade on us of 'war on women', 'TEA Party = KKK', 'gonna put ya'll back in chains', etc. The Democrats can't run away from Obama and the deficits, so don't let them change the topic, period. For any Republicans that don't get it, you might want to watch some Ted Cruz clips.

Bewildered, disappointed Obama voters need to be reminded that
Dear Leader has shriveled
 the private sector at every opportunity, yet the federal government is now way, way too big... our sole primary focus will be to reverse those trends. Current polls suggest that Americans want this in record numbers- you listening Reince-wash-repeat Priebus?

How much government is enough? TEA began as an acronym for 'Taxed Enough Already', so although I'd love to cut or go to 15% flat tax, maybe we should live with the current 'enough' and head-into next year's election ONLY focused on spending cuts, with the destruction of Obamacare imperative. A growing economy -jazzed by a return to the traditional American free market- will also fill tax coffers.

But we still can't afford anywhere near the type of government Obama has installed... voters already agree, so we simply need to tell them we're going to cut off this fiscal lunatic in January 2015-
alas, we need help next November first.

BALANCE THE BUDGET over 5-7 years through spending cuts/revenue growth only, and if we can't campaign on major tax cuts, maybe reverse Obama hikes, like capital gains, etc. By 2016, perhaps support for a flat tax would reach critical mass, and that's what would be most fair and economically beneficial over the long run (as we shrink a huge bureaucracy, save everybody billion$ in compliance costs,
de-politicize the tax code).

REPEAL OBAMACARE: this issue's got to be a winner now, Americans are turning against it en masse- and this helps us fix the budget. We can offer a framework of what a Republican healthcare bill MIGHT look like- i.e. interstate shopping (online) for insurance, tort reform, no mandatory anything, etc. No need to get tied down on too many specifics, but if we made sure those with pre-existing conditions had a way to go, I'm not really sure what other element of Obamacare anybody would want to retain.

Get the OBAMA SPOOKS out of our lives, away from our computers, and their tracking devices out of our cars. This is no way for Americans to live, period.

MAINTAIN THE MILITARY- under 300 Navy ships is less than half of the force Ronald Reagan had patrolling the waves. Although many would see the Pentagon's hefty budget as a natural place for saving, the truth is that this is about the only place the misguided Obama regime has ever cut back... and recklessly in an increasingly dangerous world.

We can't let Dems try and tell anybody 'there's no place to cut'- yet no need to lay all our cards on the table (and provide them campaign issues): Obama has provided plenty of targets for ridicule, from
'green energy' foolishness to school lunch meddling... maybe we need to work up a list of 100 ludicrous Obama budget items that would be
'first to go' and have some fun with how silly they sound. This party needs to learn how to SELL.

If we focus on taking large hacks out of today's Big Government DC while letting loose the power of the American entrepreneurial spirit/small business -liberated from worries of Obamacare mandates- we can deliver precisely what Americans want and need right now...
jobs and freedom.

We should allow NO other issue to be forced upon us... so-called 'progressives' and other Obama enablers/tools need to be cracked over the noggin with OUR issues over and over and over
-size of government/jobs/defense- where Obama is now clearly an abject failure, as would be Hillary.

If you weathervane GOP Establishment types want to give the people what they want, lo-and-behold they're clearly asking for the crux of the TEA Party's agenda -as they did in 2010- so give it to them or get out of the way. 

And as for your 'war' with the TEA Party/Reaganite wing- 
looks like you lost already.