07 November 2013

Lee Ritenour: 'Wesbound' Live (2008)

I dunno if any of you are into a little jazz- I am... that is, into a little of it. 

I really don't know anything about the current scene either, but what I do know comes from a 1980 college roomate who was -atypically for an 18 y.o. of the time- heavily into jazz: I was already a pretty big Steely Dan/Bryan Ferry fan -with substantial jazz influences- but the things he introduced me to were David Sanborn(who I saw live), Jon Luc Ponty, Spyro Gyra (also saw live), Pat Methany, and Lee Ritenour, an American some consider the best jazz guitarist -if not any- in the world.

Not only can the guy play, but he writes the lion's share of his material while bringing a clean, cool live sound that seems clearer than studio quality, if that's even possible... 'Wes Bound' was released on vinyl in '93, and here he is playing live in Rotterdam at the start of his 2008 European tour (you might recongnize the keyboard player as
Patrice Rushen, a pop star in the early 80s with 'Send Me Forget-Me-Nots', a charting R-n-B single that was nominated for a Grammy):