09 November 2013

Now That Obama's Lost Public Support, Expect Wild Executive Orders + Insane Foreign Policy Moves, i.e. the Current Secret Deal with Iran...

Netanyahu: 'a mistake of historic proportions'

While conservatives can take some comfort in the fact that Obama's run out of steam politically -and now testing all time low poll #s- we all know this demented zealot will continue on a tear leftwards via executive fiat, regulations dictated by his highly-politicized fed agencies, and direct f.p. deals made with Russia and yes, Iran. This latest one that Lurch is attempting to negotiate (or rather, capitulate) is a nightmare-come-true for any strategically aware who are bothering to pay attention.

What the deal reportedly entails is handing Iran almost everything on their short-to-medium-term wish list -even allowing them to retain the framework of nuclear weapons manufacture- while getting diddly-squat in return. And then there's the Obama Administration surreptitiously cancelling US sanctions against the vile Tehran regime months ago.

Now Obama's looking to sell us down the river even further, with a crap agreement that creates little more than speed-bumps on the path a nuclear Iran... if Israel doesn't incinerate them before that's allowed to become a reality by a clueless, appeasing Obama. Even the French are going far more hardline on the Iranians, and the simple fact is any compromise with the Iranians will only slow their acquisition of an atomic weapon, not prevent it... when what we need to be telling the mullahs is 'NO', only grown ups get to play with those..

Here we go folks, into uncharted waters where Dear Leader gives up any facade of pretending what normal people think and goes all out with whatever it takes to ram the rest of his revolution down our throats... bending, breaking, or downright mashing any law or constitutional restraint along the way. The very last layer of protection for us is November 2014 elections... then you really need to expect the worst: some semblance of a socialist police state at home coupled with surrender on all fronts abroad. 

And there's little to keep him continually degrading our military deterrent by signing harebrained agreements with crazed, America-hating regimes... that's started already.

Doug Ross   Newsmax   IsraeliMinx   Pew   h/t Drudge   h/t BadBlue